Technical Specification

An automatic transmission safety device (to be referred to as Footright) is disclosed for a vehicle system comprising a demand input for providing a demand signal for an output member to propel the vehicle, in many cases anything coupled to the engine demand input to control the engine output. Footright receives an input signal indicative of operator, or from which an output member that can propel the vehicle and modifies the output member signal via the Engine Control unit (ECU) and other control units to prevent unintended acceleration of the vehicle.

The manufactured device works and communicates using SAEJ1939 protocol or using hard wired inputs or as a combination of both. Power supply will come from the vehicle ignition system (+24vdc -24vdc) and all inputs and outputs will have the facility to operate on +24vdc AND -24vdc. Programming/communications is via Program Port.

To prevent a throttle inhibit situation the driver must carry out a sequence of events, in the correct order, and then the vehicle will drive as normal. In essence the device should never inhibit the throttle when the vehicle is operated correctly.

In addition to all the features mentioned and from working with TfL, the inclusion of the Throttle Position Sensor has recently been added and will activate the system in the event the vehicle throttle is then inadvertently fully depressed instead of the brake pedal beyond the point of perceived “maximum”. This is in addition to the Impact Sensor which will also activate the system if the vehicle strikes an object be it stationary or in motion.