Phase 2

As part of this project, the intention is to allow future upgradability. This includes enabling the unit to transmit data via GPRS and also Geo-coordinates via GPS.

The intention initially is to give the system the ability to be able to apply Intelligent Speed Application to the engine RPM via the throttle though the vehicle CAN system so that road speed is restricted to a predetermined speed based upon pre-loaded maps to the device.

This will be an option on the Footright device either via LAN connection or any acceptable other form of connection that allows two communication between both units and the opportunity to upgrade software remotely.

Future upgrades for Footright can include:

  • Low bridge warning (using GPS)
  • Fuel saving & Data Logging
  • Driver awareness for ‘Reverse Gear Selected’ voice warning
  • Hybrid awareness signal (Audible subtle warning when vehicle enters hybrid mode
  • 12vdc system capability
  • Added GPS function for remote immobilization of the engine.
  • Variable speed limitation of the vehicle (near schools etc).
  • Park brake off warning device should the driver exit the cab with the park brake in the off position.
  • Reverse gear selected warning
  • Reduced acceleration after operation of the entrance/exit doors to reduce passenger falls.
  • Automatic activation when ‘Creeping’ in traffic or congestion under customer defined conditions