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Footright is an intelligent safety device that was designed with the bus and coach market in mind. Its primary function is to eliminate the effects caused by foot-misplacement, where the driver mistakes the throttle pedal for the footbrake pedal. This all too common occurrence is attributed to events such as Sunderland in May 1999 killing 3, Blackpool 2004 killing 4, and many others.

Footright would have prevented all three events had the vehicles been equipped with it.

The system works by demanding a series of inputs before allowing the throttle to be enabled and active. The system, dependant on the complexity of the processing chip, may also allow customer defined inputs that may also be designed into Footright. E.g. impact sensor.

Essentially the Footright unit will prevent the driver incorrectly pressing the throttle to its potentially maximum position from both a standing position and in the event of a collision